You already have your own database or CRM-Tool and would like to improve or expand your existing data? You would like to establish your own specific customer database?

We compare your existing database to our dataset – you only acquire addresses of your defined target group that are not already contained in your existing database. In addition, we inform you which contact persons in your customer database are listed incorrectly or incomplete. Missing or incorrect datasets are automatically enhanced or corrected.

We provide you with information about liquidations or new listing of doctor’s offices or job changes, as well as changes in academic title or changes of phone numbers on a regular basis e.g. every 2 months.

With the help of a definite identification number per contact person you can upload all changes automatically into your database.

Your advantage: No cumbersome maintenance of customer address data; always full access to your customer data.

To establish a regular actualisation program, an initial database matching must be performed once. The costs for the regular actualisation is then calculated by the total number of datasets maintained and from the number of updates per year.