Unfortunately we can not guarantee for the success of your direct marketing, but we can support you with an exceptional success rate in the first step of your customer approach: we guarantee the accurate delivery of your information to your target group.

Even with the highest maintenance effort a certain number of wrong addresses and returns can not be avoided. However, we are extremely convinced of the quality of our material: if the percentage of your returns (addresses that cannot be delivered due to wrong postal address) exceeds 1% of the addresses purchased, we reimburse you with 1,00 Euro per additional address that can’t be delivered.

Circle Your direct marketing activity has to be implemented 5 working days after purchase of the
addresses(date of postal stamp)
Circle Each letter that couldn’t be delivered has to be returned to us including envelope and postal
note (“recipient unknown”); delivery costs to return the envelopes to us will be reimbursed.
The envelopes need to be returned to us within 6 weeks after the mailing.