Austrian Hospital Addresses

Our comprehensive Austrian Hospital Addresses database offers accurate, up-to-date and high quality integrated data on the Austrian healthcare market, covering over 200 hospitals and over 60 rehabilitation facilities and sanatoria. The database has been designed with the objective to facilitate communication with hospital decision makers and medical executives, and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign at the most affordable competitive rates. Austrian Hospital Addresses database contains high responsive contact data and offers the systematic solution to effective multichannel business communication by email, direct mail, telephone or fax.

Our Austrian hospital database features key market insight to the Austrian healthcare supply chain with comprehensive data on:
  • 192 general acute care hospitals;
  • mixed hospitals providing general acute care and rehabilitation services;
  • 62 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals;
  • 7 sanatoria;
  • 16 administrative centers.
Contact Data Options:
  • Postal address
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Fax

Austrian Hospital Addresses database contains comprehensive information regarding hospital administration, contact details and area of work. It also offers detailed descriptions of the size, ownership scheme and other important data on hospitals and hospital departments all across Austria, making it one of the best places to find specific information you are looking for.

Our database lets you choose from a wide range of customizable selection options to cater to your needs for developing new business leads and sales.

Circle Region (city, province, ZIP)
Circle Hospital specialisation (specialized clinic / general hospital / psychiatric hospital / military hospital)
Circle Number of beds
Circle Ownership
Circle University or teaching hospital
Circle Medical devices
Circle Services
Circle Number of operating rooms
Circle further criteria by request

Hospital departments:
Circle Number of beds
Circle Specialisation
Circle Equipment
Circle further criteria by request

Hospitals are often undergoing rapid structural and organizational changes, so databases that are not maintained and verified on a regular basis quickly become outdated and negatively affect your response rate and sales productivity. SciTrace’s Austrian Hospital Addresses database is compiled from selected Austrian healthcare industry-specific sources and verified with rigorous quality assurance checks to provide you with reliable contact data that is at least 99% deliverable. Our dedicated team verifies and updates our Austrian hospital address pool and other vital hospital profiling information on a daily basis.

Our Austrian Hospital Addresses database can be delivered in various data file formats to ensure flexible handling and easy processing of your data:

  • Microsoft Excel (xls)
  • ASCI
  • Microsoft Access (mdb)
  • Comma-separated values (csv)

Choose from a selection of flexible licensing options that best suit your usage needs: single use, multiple use (special conditions for repeated use of the same selection group!) or unlimited use.

We offer high-quality up-to-date Austrian hospital database with affordable and cost-effective pricing options to accommodate your usage and data volume requirements as well as your budget needs. For more general information, pricing and other inquiries on the Austrian Hospital Addresses database, please fill out the online selection form or get in touch via .